How Compassionate Am I?

By: Miles Harris
Have you ever just stopped and thought to your self "Do I really care?" The thought came to my mind as I was listening to a group of Pastors talk yesterday. One thing that was on the agenda for the talk was the question "What was your calling to the ministry?". As the conversation carried on like always when a rabbit is presented the Pastors are willing to chase it down a hole. Unlike most of the time though there was a good chase. The chase was one that stuck with me and today I will bring it to you.
"How much do you have to hate somebody to believe in everlasting life is possible and not tell them that" (Penn Jillette). That is a quote from an atheist. However that is something that should really slap us in the face. The first time I heard the quote was yesterday and it proposed the question: "Do I really care?" When I set down in my office I grabbed my Bible because in this moment I began to hurt a little bit this morning and the more I began to think the worse it got but then I opened the Bible to Luke 15. Before we get to that you need to hear the backstory a little bit. The conversation that I am referring to happened yesterday and this morning as i was dropping off my daughter I was listening to a sermon on Luke 15. Well for advent my family and I had been reading through Luke and so the night before the meeting we read Luke 15. So , I am inclined to believe God was talking to me.  
Luke 15:11-32. Known to most as the prodigal son. This of course is a parable that Jesus was sharing to a group of pharisees. Before we can jump all over the pharisees we have to take a moment and look into the fact that we as Christians can easily fall into the same traps that caught the pharisees. The story is that a man gives his two sons there inheritance and the youngest leaves and squanders his wealth ends up broke. The boy goes to work in a field feeding pigs and really wants what the pigs have (I would say he is in a bad spot) and he remembers that even his fathers servants have more than he does so he goes home. The story progresses and the father sees his son and he is filled with compassion and he throws his lost son a party. However, the oldest son comes in from working and hears and sees the party and wants to know whats going on and a servant tells him that his brother has returned home. This causes a riff (wouldn't you be mad) and the oldest gets mad and refuses to go in and the father comes out.
Christian be careful to not be like the older brother. The story tells more than I do here so I would encourage you to read it and meditate on it as well. Christian we can become like the older brother we can know and see what others have been doing and be hasty and angry because our life is full of hard work and it would seem that we are going nowhere. This can cause a riff in the fact that we as Christians may hesitate and may not even share Jesus with anyone. Instead of being that way we have to be like the father in the story "...full of compassion. He ran, threw his arms around his neck, and kissed him." (Luke 15:20b CSB). This should be our heart for those who are lost and without Jesus. We need to remember that we all were lost until Jesus called our name. We were in all kinds of sin and yet Jesus came and called us to him so that we would have a chance to be united with the Father. We have a job and better yet an obligation to tell others about Jesus. I will plead with you to tell someone, everyone about the Jesus that hung on the cross for both you and I.    
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TJ Stephens - December 17th, 2019 at 8:39pm

Great message Miles! Written very well!

Wanda creason - December 17th, 2019 at 10:35pm

A really good post, it seems harder and harder to do what we need to do, I was sitting here thinking most of my close friends are Christian, my children are to, one is not walking with God, I trust Him to keep her close