Little Theologians

Today as I drove my beautiful daughter to her baby sitter we listen to Jesus Kids by Shai Linne. If you have not listened to the album and if you like hip hop then I would recommend it for you. My kids are both loud and full of life. My children and I love listening to music together and I love looking in the rearview mirror and seeing my almost two year old bobbing her head to the beat. I think and praise Jesus she can keep a beat so maybe the no rhythm Baptist skipped her. However, I have recently been thinking can I do two things at once listen to music while teaching my kids theology. I love to talk theology and I think that theology is an important thing to teach people. After all studying theology teaches you who God is.

Well, this album has what is called Catechism's and I have come to look at them and appreciate what they have. To me, they have deep and rich theology that even a child can grasp. A catechism is a summary of the principles of the Christian religion in the forms of questions and answers, used for the instruction of Christians. For example Q) Who made You? A) God. In these questions, it teaches the person Biblical truths that will help them navigate who God is. The point I want to make is that children need to know who Christ is and what he has done. They need to know who and what the Trinity is. They need to know what sin is. Children are capable of knowing that they need Jesus to overcome sin. After all, it was Jesus who said “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven"(Matt. 18:3 ESV). Children are in need of the Gospel and the need of a savior.

We have an awesome and important task of training our children to be theologians. I love hearing stories of my son sharing about Christ. There are times that I talk to him and I wonder if he knows what it is that he is doing. The more that we talk the more he wants to know. I can remember praying that my son would thirst after God and want to know Him and love God more than I ever could. Then it was as if God gave me a Gibbs slap to the back of the head (NCIS Reference) and said teach my son and show him what it means to seek after God. I have had friends of mine that have suggested catechism's and it has given my son the answer to some of his questions, the exciting part is that now he is asking more and that is leading to studying the Bible together and leading to conversations that will only enrich his knowledge of God.

The point of all of this is to say that THEOLOGY is important. Some may say that it is boring and outdated but I would tell you that studying God and who he is is never boring. The goal that I have is to teach my son who God is and what God has done and is doing for His people. The world we live in is uncertain but God is always certain and I want my children to know that and understand it. I want them to be bold and share the Gospel and do and be better than I ever could be. Theology leads to us loving and knowing God the Father, Christ the Son, and The Holy Spirit. Remember that children are not just the future they are the hear and now as well. May God enrich your life as well as your children.
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